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Sig Riser 2m weight Q

I'm just finishing up building a 2m Sig Riser, and have some questions about the weight and hi-start hook... This is my first glider. (I've flown a friend's Gentle Lady a few times before, so I know sorta what to expect off an up-start)

For starters, my weight came out to be appx 23oz which seems awfully low to me when compared to other 2m gliders. (20oz + 3oz lead). Is this normal? I used HS-81 servos and other lightweight electonics, and built the plane almost entirely with probond II, which probably helped greatly. But 7oz seems to be a big difference; I should probably point out that I don't have a scale, and used a calibrated rubber band & exponential interpolation but it's so simple, I trust it to be accurate within an oz. Well, that is, if the hardware store didn't short-change me on the 1oz sinkers I used for ballast and calibration, lol

After I have it balanced, where should I mount the tow hook? I was going to do the ole' hang upside-down at 10 and drill, but the instructions say to add nose weight on first flights and when it's windy, and I'm worried that will push the CG forward of the hook for those flights and cause me big problems on launch. But if I move the hook forward to compensate, it'll be too tail-heavy on calmer days... The hook will be epoxyed in if I follow the plans, so I want to make sure it's right.
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