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Understanding your RC System - What is latency?

Originally Posted by VEGAS_RC_ACE View Post
The A9's latency is a fact... Read this link: It is SLOW... The futaba and Airtronics are fast, with Airtronics leading the speed race...
Latency is a non issue except for perhaps less than 1% of top level flyers and is still better than
many of the other systems as evidenced:
"I don't hear folks complaining about the slower Futaba 14MZ / JR9303"
(Understanding your RC System - "Latency" Various TX includes comparison to Honey Bee Wing Flaps)
Transmitter |Receiver|MLF|MLL|MaxLF|MaxLL|Avg
Hitec Aurora 9 |Optima 7|41 | 43| 62.6| 66.6| 53.5 (12)
JR 9303/Spektru|AR9000 |40 | 45| 63.8| 68.3| 54.4
JR 9303/XPS Tol|XPS 8-ch|34 | 52| 74 | 81 | 60 (7)
Futaba 14MZ |PCM1024 |29 | 93| 42 |106 | 67.5 (3)
Futaba 9C |R149DP |44 |110| 57 |123 | 83.5
Futaba 9ZWC2 |R149DP |29 | 93| 41.9|105.9| 67.5
Hitec Eclipse7 |QPCM |41 | 43| 62 | 64 | 52.5

An overused "marketing tool", latency should not be quoted without readers also being made aware
that they are unlikely to notice any differences unless they are well skilled, using top high performance
competition models and high speed servos.
Pilots typically observe that they have a more "locked in" feeling with the Aurora 9, examples:

. Aurora compared to Futaba 8FG -red_z06 Top Level Flier, refer video below.
"We have been flying for Hitec until Nov 2010. We left Hitec
to be able to test latest servos from MKS and Savox.
So, while we are free to fly any system now, I chose to keep Hitec tx/rx
for the time being. Do I prefer lower latency? Who wouldn't?
Unfortunately, we aren't as sensitive or skilled enough
to tell the supposedly 30ms difference between Futaba 8fg
that we frequently test fly at our home field vs our Aurora 9.
Overall latency in a heli system is a lot more than tx itself.
Below are the latency causing components"

. Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue 7yr old Justin Jee - XFC 2010 RC Heli Competition Flight & comment - videos

. Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue Joe Manor's Dynamic60 doing 333 mph! New World 60" DS Record - Video

. Aurora 9 - Latency and Expo Demo - Brandon Chitty's 35% Extra set up for giant scale. Video.

. Understanding your RC System - What is latency? - RCM Reviews

. Aurora 9 - Latency - Speed Test. Test your own speed and disprove marketing hype.

Measures of the Aurora 9's ongoing popularity:
Transmitter Poll #01
Transmitter Poll #02

more information available under Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers & Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
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