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Originally Posted by Trill View Post
When do the build videos start? When the 60" Extras arrive I want to be able to build like an expert and get it in the air in a matter of hours!
Originally Posted by Doc Austin View Post
Forget about getting it build in a matter of hours. That's just asking for trouble. Don't ask me how I know!

Really, unless you are super talented, or super sloppy, you can't build any of these planes in two or three hours. Besides, if you take your time it is so much more enjoyable. I used to hate building until I made myself slow down, and then it became really fun. Now I buy a plane whenever I feel like a project. it's not like I really needed five MXS ...... Or four Extra.
If I stretch a project out for a week or more, it pays for itself just in entertainment value. It is almost getting to where I enjoy building so much

that it is a seperate hobby and flying is another seperate hobby.

Slow down and enjoy it!

Very true doc a couldn't agree more, and that's why we do detailed build videos!


I get my airframe the same time you get yours, and I assure you I wont be throwing it together in one evening..

Even when I'm not taking videos, notes, and pictures it still takes me 4-6 hours to complete a build of this quality.. I take my time!!! I've been know to spend up to a hour making sure the vertical, and horizontal Stab are perfectly aligned, and hinged properly.. Any one that has flown my planes will tell you.. There Buttery smooth..;-)

Unfortunately to many people rush the build, and there the ones that scream about poor performance.. Its good to remind your self that these are just pieces of wood! You get out of them, what you put into them..
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