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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post

The 20' KF sailplane video posted earlier in this thread is a case in point where a KF wing plane stalls and looses considerable height.. The ground stopped it losing more but even if it had been two or three times higher I don't think it would have recovered:

It looks to me that too far back CG was the main problem with that glider, compounded by being a bit underpowered... but it does show that not all KF planes stall the same way, and neither do conventional airfoiled planes.
Putting aside the other comments in this post, it would have recovered.

I am flying a plane 5 times the size, and 7.5 times the weight (assuming the average kf foamie is roughly 48 in. WS and around 2 lbs)

Yes it is going to take more time than the average kf foamie, because it is a lot bigger. A lot heavier. An so on.

Listen, I have never taken classes on this. So I don't know the math and the facts about airfoils. I know a lot, but not as much as I could.
But, even if you know what is going to happen on paper, it doesn't mean that is going to happen in real life.
Right now you are sitting behind your computer making assumptions. Yes, I believe that you have the knowledge. Then tell me you have never used in in real life, and it makes it useless.

But what do I know, I am just a kid. A kid who doesn't know the facts, but has done it all in real life. The real life, where mother nature states all rules.
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