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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
PS.. why not include 3d planes in the discussion? The Ultimate AMR and Yak 54 3D models I'm currently flying are just normal RC model airplanes that are perhaps a bit lighter and a bit more powerful than 'average' sport models. If i reduce the control throws to low rates they fly just like a good sport model. Even on low throws and not using 3D power to hover, flown just like a conventional sport model, these model stall in a quite gentle way.. probably as gentle as any KF airfoil plane (especially the Ultimate).

The reason I say I would not include 3d airplanes is this.

Most 3d airplanes have 1:2 or more (or less) power ratio. With that kind of power you are flying the plane by the prop. Not the wing. (in a high alpha situation) In the case of a glider you are flying it by the wing, all the time.
So when you say you are putting your 3d plane into a high alpha maneuver and it wont stall, that is because it is flying like a kite. Strictly from the AOA and the power pulling it forward.

I certainly believe that 3d models can use an airfoil to there advantage, heck, I own one that does. But when the ability to pull have unlimited vertical, the airfoil makes no significant difference.
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