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Planktastic - 108cm (42in) flying wing

This is a design that I've been wanting to build for several years now. In fact, this is one of the reasons I got into RC in the first place - to get good enough at flying so that I can build and fly this plane!

I came up with the planform when trying to design my own walkalong glider. It is based loosely on Tyler MacCready's walkalong glider. It sucked as a walkalong glider (or rather, I sucked at flying walkalong gliders) but worked very well as a chuck glider. I sort of fell in love with the design. It has that that-thing-shouldnt-be-flying vibe.

I've already tried doing an RC version once but failed mostly because I couldn't fly the thing. This plane is very pitch sensitive. Now with two years of flight experience I've decided it's time to do the build.

Here are pictures of Tyler MacCready's walkalong glider and my chuck glider:
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