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Originally Posted by nese View Post
Funny weekend. Yesterday I flew my heli for 10 seconds and crashed because a bug had landed on my face and was threatening to crawl into my eyes. It looked bad as the V200 crashed into the ground nose/side first but I got away with a stripped gear.

Today I had 3 tip overs in the wind - but the main gear was spared each time. Phew.

Coming back and running the V after cleaning it looks like I will have to change the shaft for the first time. Has anyone out there got that pin out of the rotor head before?
Funny that you should ask about that pin.

While I was flying today the pin came out all by itself.
Fortunately the head didn't come flying off, and hit someone.
I never removed the pin before this happened, so it must have just worked itself loose.
When the main shaft is new the pin is a pressfit, but the shaft is just a length of tubing with 3 holes in it. As time goes by there are micro forces applied to the pin hole, and they eventually enlarge the hole. Every time you change the speed of the shaft a small force is applied to shaft at the pin hole.

I replaced the pin with a paper clip. A temporary rig to keep flying until I get a new shaft installed.
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