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From memory the CC7 could alter the lift in various parts of the skirt and that gave the improved steering (less drift) (same as the driver leaning to make tight turns in 1 man racing machines).
You have suggested elsewhere that alkaline batteries aren't worth the trouble and I have just been trying various options and came to the conclusion that Alkaline batteries simply dont release their stored energy fast enough. The 9.6v nicad gives 12v reading across the terminals at full charge (work that out) and at full charge there is no drop in hover height with thrust motors on full, forward or reverse. Replacing that with the 12v AA pack from the typhoon is not as good despite the extra volatage. However, replacing the alkaliness in the AA pack with 8 Nicad AAs (9.6v) and its top performance again - maybe even better - the extra weight in the nose improves the balance and the hovercraft rotates on a dime. Just the usual problem of short run time. As soon as the voltage drops to 10v (in all three systems) the skirt partially collapses whenever the thrust motors are turned on and travelling over carpet is no longer an option. I tried adding an extra 1.2v nicad in series with the 9,6v pack as suggested by an aussie contributer elswhere and that gives another 10 minutes of run time. His suggestion of sealing the top of the skirt to the hull with clear tape is worth doing too. There is another earlier thread where an Edge was refitted with brushless motors and variable control thrust but the Edge in the video posted doesn't seem to be much different than a standard Edge with the full 12v charge. The variable thrust doesn't seem to add much in a confined space either - even a little continuous thrust to a frictionless object results in continuously increasing velocity!
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