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I've read the entire Vela thread and as a "never having sailed anything" before, it does somewhat intimidate me as to making some of the changes that I read about, both from a terminology standpoint and from a trying to learn how to sail first boat.

With that having been said, I am leaning toward the Nirvana but wish it was a bit larger. Just would like to have something a little bit bigger although in reading through the Nirvana thread, it would seem that for this boat, the smaller size (7" or so) is not really a big issue, and the ease of setup and sailing makes up for anything gained from the larger size of the Vela or Seawind.

For those who think that after a bit, I might want to do the race thing, won't happen. I started in control line in the very early 50's with stunt, scale, combat and racing, went to RC planes in the early 60's and then to helicopters in the 80's until about a year or so ago. Still do some CL stunt and indoor RC. With that said, I'm totally burnt out on on all of the competition stuff, so much so, that I started building a model railroad (very lonely pursuit of a hobby). Sold off the bulk of my RC stuff, all of my helis and most of my CL planes also.

As far as a color for a Nirvana, or any other boat which I may end up with, it will be repainted with my design upon arrival, before it even hits the water. As I work various times of the year at Walt Disney World (in the Magic Kingdom) in Orlando, 3 guesses as to what my design might include and the first 2 guesses don't count.

I do want to thank everyone that has taken the time to reply to assist me in trying to make my decision. It is very much appreciated.

PS: Right now leaning toward the Nirvana, for simplicity, ease of assembly and in general just a good all-around value.
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