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Originally Posted by thepelell View Post
i have a Multiwii Paris V3 i have been using for some time on my quad .
I just finished put together a X8, using 4 previous motors and turnigy plush 30a esc, and then i got 4 more identical esc (but bought in a second moment).
I can't get the new esc's to work. none of them. I did throttle range calibration one by one by connecting esc directly to rx. No problem at all. I can even test motor, throttle responds correctly.
BUT if i connect that esc to multiwii board, i will get infinite short beeps.. i am able to arm and disarm board, but have no control on esc... it just keep beeping fast.. according to esc manual it's a idle throttle error..
I have no problem if i connect one of my "old" escs to same board output...
i'm lost...
Do you have the program card for your ESCs? Have you check the program on your new ESCs compare to your old ESCs?

Are you using PPM SUM to control the Paris V3.0 board from your receiver? Since you are doing X8 how are you plugging in the speed controllers? Are you controlling two motors with each speed controller?

How about a picture of your setup?
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