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Hi Guys,

I've got my brushless up and running again, but this time with the 2801. The 2801 enabled me to dial down the throttle curve on the Alpha 400 to a very relaxed 20%--I know this is seriously low compared to others here, but it's still faster than the stock motor, and for now I am more comfortable with a lower speed motor.

Heli Biggie, I've got to tell you, after losing yet another stock motor, I couldn't be happier with this brushless system (the one recommended by Kdean). I've never had a stock motor just burn out on me, rather they would start to vary in output power, always at the wrong time. They would get super weak and soggy, causing me to compensate with more throttle, and then they would all of a sudden go balls to the wall temporarily. My last stock motor got so weak (after just 5 or so flights) that the heli just wanted to dump over right off the ground. It was so bad, I became affraid my ESC would burn. But with the brushless system and the 2801, all of these problems are gone, even though I am still working out some minor bugs.

Speaking of bugs, guys, I am still getting that intermittent tail glitch--sounds like the main gear popping a tooth, but it's not the main gear (I checked every tooth, and it looks great). So, is it possible for these brushless motors to "misfire" occassionally? Or, could it be tail wag due to some sort of vibration screwing with the gyro? This is a big issue with the little CB100, but I haven't run into tail wag issues with the V400, so I don't really know what to look for.
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