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Originally Posted by barnstorm100 View Post
It looks like your flying it really good. Why did you lose the tail
These helis are wearing me out.
They're wearing me out too......
I haven't had time to investigate yet, but that wasn't the first time I lost the tail on that helicopter. I had previously lost all signal to the tail servo mid flight and was getting no response from it when bench testing after, so I replaced the tail servo with an align and started flying again. The align is plastic gear but they sell metal gears to put inside it if the plastic ones strip, so i figured eventually i'd do that. I only had about 4 batteries on that new servo and no crashes, so I wouldn't think an align tail servo would go out mid flight like that, so I have some investigation to do. The last time i went into a tail spin I was about 30 feet up, and closer to being over the real tall grass, so I had time to aim for the grass and hit the throttle hold and walked away from it all relatively unscathed. Unfortunately this time when I went into tail spin i was close to the ground and didn't hit the throttle hold in time and smashed it up pretty good, so I have some work to do before I can even begin to investigate the tail spin. I'll check the basic stuff, but I can't run the heli right now cause it's too beaten up. It is possible that the screw that holds the servo arm worked its way out since I only waited an hour or so for the loctite to dry before flying.... or it could be something more serious like a bad rx. (also, it all happened quick so i'm not sure, but it seemed like it took a dip to the left before the tail started spinning... i've never had a cyclic servo go out on me, so i'm not sure the effects but reading on the forum it sounds a little different, but i'll look into these too just in case)

Meanwhile, I agree with kdean that other helis can be much more trouble than the v400. Can't wait till I get my 400 parts in so I can fix it up and fly a somewhat dependable heli...

Oh, i did want to mention one thing about people thinking about going brushless on the v400 but don't have the 2801 tx yet. I put in the alpha400 motor and flew through probably about 15 batteries using the 2603 tx, and I had it flying pretty comfortable using that tx. It was a bit of a challenge to get it set up right, and i'm definitely glad I got the 2801, but it is possible to get a fairly nice flying heli with the big brushless motor and the 2603, so if you don't have the 2801 yet don't let that stop you from upgrading It was a bit of a challenge to get the 2603 set up, but I think i remember my settings, so feel free to ask if you do decide to do this.
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