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Originally Posted by dsobbe View Post
Your description is true when the motor is running and a mechanical fault causes abnormal movement. In that case the gyro will hunt, seeking to counter that input.
In my case the motor is off. There is no movement, yet the gyro seems to attempt to counter a slow yaw to the left. The servo rotation stops as soon as the motor reaches about 1/3 throttle. My guess is that the power to the gyro is too low to provide accurate sensing when the motor is off. Or, a random electronic anomaly occurs at binding. That seems more likely as the servo rotation often ceases if I restart the radio. At any rate, it's just an observation and not a problem.
And, I'm sure that the captain of the Titanic felt the same way about iceburg sightings.
Hmm.. never had that occur without a problem lurking. Could have been unrelated, I suppose. Glad yours is not an issue! Watch out for flying iceburgs!
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