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Originally Posted by LuvEvolution7 View Post
if it were me, I would look into Fergelli ( or however it's spelt) instead. they make some small actuators that would be perfect for swing wings, but are expensive as hell.

after saying that, if these are screw jack by design, they should be strong at any position, since the torque is linear. it's multiple times stronger than the best servo. when it's stationary, the screw would locate it in position, making the position as strong as can be. I wouldn't worry about it in that application, but the above may be another option for you.
totally agree but it can all depend on if plastic etc is used in certain places.
Oh I first encountered the power a screw jacks with the old KBan satellite dishes. Ours stopped working so I took it apart to trouble shoot. Without thinking to far ahead I powered up the motor while holding the arm. The thing pushed me across the living room .

They've been using the same idea in the electric retracts but they fail due to design or parts used. Now that they are redoing most of them in metal, they should do well for the size but the electric piston replacement method is better since the construction of pneumatic retracts are more rugged and proven.
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