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Originally Posted by 52Sabre View Post
"thrust tubes for dummies" entry step by step

I guess I'll just have to figure it out on my own. Would appreciate some pics though.
1 take a sheet of notebook paper and tape it to the fan shroud outside dia.

2 make as perfect a cylinder as u can that is as long as the exit length
of the jet..........tape the seam........ scotch or cellophane tape
3 remove the tube of paper from fan

4 reassemble fan to plane

5 shove paper tube up the jets arse attach to fan with tape


optional... cut very small wedges from tube opposite fan
to reduce dia. to about 27mm plus or minus 1.5 mm.... not rocket science..
only jet science....
the longer you make the wedges (and narrow) the better
shoot for 1 dia of fan in length ( science ) ( or 35 mm for this one +/- 5mm)
tape the seams together and apply per < 5 > above

suggest cuts for wedges be made one at the bottom or 2 at both sides.

working on this stuff ( all rc ) is for fun trial and error etc.
( rocket science- Bad -- jet science- fun)
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