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Lipos should be stored 1/2 charged - 3.85V per cell, especially for long term storage.
For short term storage (days), 3.7-4V/cell is considered OK.
Fully charged storage will degrade the battery.

In regards to the fire process, 2 fire processes occur. First comes the internal thermal runaway of the pack which doesn't need atmospheric oxygen to occur. This releases copious quantities of vaporized organic materials which can burn in the atmosphere if an ignition source is present.

Ignitions inside a firesafe box are probably solely the energy release of the battery breakdown. Lots of smoke.
Ignitions outside of a box my also exhibit flames from the the volatile organics also burning. From those videos, did you notice the ones where the lipo cell was covered with sand? Mostly smoke, no flames.

In regards to bags expecially, some are completely worthless as a fire containment device. Check that any bag you might buy has been tested with the size pack you intend to charge in it. LipoSack is a proven tested bag - Videos of a LipoSack test are on the site I pointed out to you.
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