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Originally Posted by hoppy View Post
Though infrequent, they can catch fire, mostly during charging.

IMO, the safest way to charge is to be in the room with the packs and observe them. Lipo packs will swell quite a bit before igniting so there is a time frame of many minutes (5,10 +) where if the modeler notices the swelling, the charge can be stopped.

Equally safe would be to charge outside in a firesafe area.

Next would be indoors inside a metal box, BBQ grill, LipoSack or similar firesafe container.
Well, I'd pretty much have to charge them indoors (need to use AC power), so I guess I'd need to use something to contain it to be safe. I'd even be hesitant to keep it in line of sight after watching some of this videos.

Other things to consider...
Don't keep damaged lipos. When they start to puff or are physically damaged, they should be discharged and tossed.
Even though a firesafe box can prevent fire damage the smoke can cause a lot of damage which is why the best method is to keep it from happening or do it outside.

Remember, the likelihood of this happening is very small, especially if you keep your packs in good condition....use only 80% of capacity...follow the manufacturers use directions, etc. But like me, you are concerned that it could happen as there are no guarantees with lipos, so take the precautions and enjoy. If possible, baby sit the packs while charging, safest way IMO....if you see anything unusual, stop the charge and check it out. I store, charge and transport my lipos in firesafe containers just in case.

Go up to post #2 and look at "Videos of LiPo Container Tests." It'll give you an idea of what other people have done and what happens during overcharging.

Again, remember that if you use packs in good condition and charge with a balancing charger witnin the C-rate specified by the manufacturer, the chances of an ignition are very low..........but just in case, watch them or box them.

I've got 8 yrs experience with them without an incident as have many many other modelers, but still I don't trust them enough to leave them out of the firesafe boxes, just in case.
Any other questions?
I am wondering about the storage. I went through some of the documentation on this and the previous thread, and I didn't really see anything about discharging. Should Lipo batteries always be discharged when put away for storage? Or is this just damaged batteries... and do I have to worry about anything when the batteries are being drained (like overheating)?
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