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Brian Courtice
Brian Courtice
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RE: [RCSE] FREE issue of RCSD! But you have to pay for my photos :-)


If you are feeling flattered by Aradhana's post, you are only flattering
yourself. Aradhana's comment about you was tongue in cheek. Obviously, there
are many much better, and entirely soaring related reasons why someone might
need to extract a photograph from a PDF file.

Your post about Soaring Digest triggered a discussion about the merits of
digitizing print articles for the internet. Aradhana's post was a
continuation of that discussion. I found his contribution to be appropriate,
on topic and useful. I just might need to get a picture out of a PDF file
some day.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about your own sarcastic, patronizing
and self-glorifying criticism of Aradhana's post. I most certainly didn't
sign up to waste my time reading posts like that.

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