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Originally Posted by dkb194 View Post
Nese: Is the fuel gauge just to tell you actual volts of the battery so you can fly till 3.7x2=7.4???
Kinda, yeah. But you know how the voltage dips and then "bounces" back up when the load is removed. Different batteries behave differently but I think it gives me an idea when a particular cell in a battery is giving in. I flew today for about 6-8 mins a pack before I got the second alarm (i.e. one of the cells reached 3.6V). When I got back to charge them on my B6 charges I got about 830+mAh on the stock 1000mAh batteries so that's about the 80% mark.

Of course when you look at it all it's quite an overkill as a timer or a voltage indicator would have sufficed. I'm just loading the V. Then there is the optional kit allows temp and current readings to be sent back to the screen unit, but I think practically it would add too much weight. Anyways, I bought this from hobby king.
and added on the flexible antenna to lighten the load.
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