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You could just guess but I think I have his article on my hard drive.
The article I was thinking of was Jochen Haas' piece describing his design procedure for highly tapered 'wings with BSLD and no vertical fins. Obviously that's not what you need for this project but others watching may find it to be for them.

So I looked elsewhere and found two references to segmented washout on Hans-Jurgen Unverferth's 'wings. Twist Distributions for Swept Wings, Part 1 mentions washout in three segments:

Zero twist on the first 1/3 of the half span
then 1/3 of the total washout on the second 1/3 of the half span
then 2/3 of the twist in the last third of the half span.

But as far as I can tell both the CO2 and the CO5 had a two segment washout schedule: no twist on the inboard half and all the washout on the outboard half.


P.S. There's an article about the winglets that Burt Rutan designed for the LongEZ that you should see.
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