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Originally Posted by nese View Post
Oh yes. Plenty... depending on how its flown . Here's a video I took of my V200 - Fully Loaded, lights switched off, except for the front pilot light which is always on

There are 3 set points for voltage alarms: Level 1 (I set this at 3.7V per cell), Level 2 (set at 3.6V per cell) and total voltage (set at 7 V).

Y'know I actually forgot to remove the old voltage indicator that still stuck to the back.

Just trying to see whether it can be done.
Very nice! I like the equipment! I could have used that today when I forgot my timer!

Even more, I like seeing all the nose-in & lazy piros. It really helps when you have to recover from disorientaion!

I had my V200 out today and got it all spun around at quite a distance away. It was going down sideways. First, I had to spin it just to tell which way it was pointing so I could recover. I saw some yellow come into view and was then able to correct, quite nicely I might add! I couldn't have done that without all the hours I've spent practicing that very thing.

Thanks for the video!
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