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Delta DPS-700EB PSU OVP modification.

Connect PS On and PS Kill to ground to power up.

If you get an orange light and no +12v power then go to this post for instructions.

These are solder points to disable the Over Voltage Protection (OVP) on the Delta DPS-700EB PS.

Just solder a short wire across the two components highlighted in the picture.

They reside under the white cover on the rear side of the DC-1749 daughterboard.

Be sure to solder quickly as these are small components.

Voltage can be controlled externally by using a 1k or 5k potentiometer

between pin #63 (12VS) and ground.

Maximum voltage will depend on the individual PS.

It will be somewhere from 14.8v to 15.2v.

I suggest staying below 15.0v to keep everything within spec.

You may also set the internal voltage control trim potentiometer (at bottom of daughterboard) to maximum(counterclockwise) after modification is made.

I've tested this with my PS at 15.0v with a 65A load where OCP kicks in.

Over Current Protection (OCP) circuit still works with this mod.

This is just one method to disable the OVP. I opted not to remove any components.

And as always do this mod at your own risk.
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