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Ok I have no maidened mine. I am really happy. I would echo previous comments about using a 11 inch prop. You get much more control authority with a 11 inch prop then a 10 inch one (especially at slow speeds). Just watch those amps. Mine was pulling 24 A with a 10x4.7 SF. I bet the 11 inch x3.7 will pull plenty more than 30A (I have not tested it yet). So I would suggest people don't run 30A speed controllers with a 11 inch prop. 40A ESC's might be safer. I have so far been unable to strip any gears with the hk900 servos I have installed despite my best efforts. I have tried a 1800 nanotech and 1300 longmax battery so far, and both can be set to give a 120 from leading edge cog. The 1300 is definitely more floaty. Overall I really like the plane, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun over what remains of the summer.

The motor below seems to work well for $12.50 shipped (but you need an adapter/mount kit as well). If you want to run more than a 10 inch prop I suggest you keep 1200kv or below. I also got the 1400kv version of that motor , it will pull 45A on a 10x3.8 so an 11 inch prop is out of the question for that kv range.
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