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WBFAir... Actually IRCHA is 12 days away, now. Not to criticize. It is not just "some" show. It's the largest RC helicopter event in the world.

I can understand your point, though and I will relate an experience that I encountered. Castle, this is no way meant to offend you guys. I know you're under the gun with this, so please understand.

The ICE series controllers, to my knowledge, were introduced at IRCHA in 2009. Limited items, to my knowledge, were available at the the Castle tent at the event. At that time I had no need for one. At the event, my wife bought me a helicopter where I would need one. Well, when we returned, no dealers had the ESC I needed and Castle had a direct order system in place. I placed an order with them. About a month later, I saw the controller I needed at a local hobby shop. I called Castle and asked for the status of my order. I was told it had not yet shipped. So, I cancelled my order and bought one locally.

Above, though different in nature, is a vaguely similar situation to what we are facing and it has nothing to do with what is fair. Rather, the situation is more about commitments. I would assume as Lee alluded to that Castle is bound by contracts to provide products to those companies based on negotiated terms. I know it is hard to take, but the reality is that it is nothing personal.

I also know it is your choice to take your business where you feel you are best served. Man, this is a mess, though. I would not like to be Castle's position. In my life, I have seen similar things from both sides. In the end, it is about damage control.

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