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Originally Posted by lestingoy View Post
Hi Guys,

Please bear with us, there are no nefarious plans at work here. We are trying to accomplish the modifications to many thousands of controllers without crashing the company itself.

We are trying to set up our processes such that we can modify and replace controllers as quickly as possible while ensuring that what goes out has been properly manufactured and tested. For rather obvious reasons (the parts costs on these products are not insignificant) we do plan to refurbish as many as we can.

We will do our best to provide a means for those of you who will be attending IRCHA to either pickup (if you have mailed yours in and we can't get it turned around in time for mail delivery before IRCHA) your controllers there or outright turn them in and walk away with a modded one at that point. Keep in mind that posts on RCG using AVATARS will NOT result in anyone here in KS telepathically identifying the real identity of the owner of the incoming controller and changing the delivery method to accommodate the travel plans of the consumer.

We cannot get into a detailed discussion of the changes to the controller primarily because we don't want to start anything wherein users are dissecting their controllers looking for differences in the components being used. We routinely swap components of equal specification as availability and pricing require.

The "pecking order" of the controllers being shipped out is primarily a function of meeting our delivery commitments to corporate customers. There are controllers currently in the pipeline for them and they will need to stay dedicated to those customers.

I believe I saw somewhere that somebody is quoting a 6 week turn around period. That would be absolute worst case. I honestly believe we'll be able to do much better than that.

So, again, thanks in advance for your patience.

Hello Lee

First I want to say that I can certainly understand that the task at hand is going to be a difficult one, and that for me at least, I would certainly be willing to wait for what ever time it takes for a "get it done right" solution to this problem if that is what this time is being dedicated to, and as well do not have any desire for it to crash the company.

But having said that I really feel I have to reply that I am not at all pleased with what I am reading in this response if I understand it correctly.

As you guys have done, you have set up weeks before the IRCHA show a send in mail system that many have employed by filling out all the info and boxing up and paying for an shipping in their controllers as soon as possible all with what I am sure is the hope that they will be in the cue as early as they can for a replacement. To which from this point on I will call these people senders.

Now as you said, the resources for this is limited so it will take some time and I can even understand that their may be a few special friends that might have the pull to get ones ahead of others of the cue of the senders.

But I have to say to hear that some of those limited resources and controllers are going instead to be focused on a non-sender as they will be showing up at some show weeks after others have been received is pretty darn upsetting!

Again, many have and will be sending in their controllers weeks before this show, all with the normal understanding that they would be part of what should be a fair, first come first serve system, and to think that someone who has done this and would have gotten a controller out of the limited number of ones that might be available by Aug 10th, will not as Castle is going to be dedicating some of those limited units available by that time to the ones who will showing up at some show weeks after a sender has sent in theirs, is I'm sorry to have to say something I find horribly offensive!

Perhaps this isn't the thing in all circles but as you know, this issue of these controllers has done a lot of damage to Castles reputation which used to be about as good as it could get.

First there was the reply that there was a clearance thing, which didn't stop the problem, then the larger housing thing was supposed to help, that didn't. Then Castles long delay on really addressing this and taking it seriously and now finally when you guys have finally done the right thing you are going to be going right back down again as you are in part focusing on getting units to a non-sender at some show all before others who have sent theirs in weeks before????

Seriously Lee, and I'm sorry to say this to anyone who is hoping to get theirs at this show by just showing up with theirs, but this is just downright wrong.

For me I sent in my controller two weeks ago, I got a e-mail confirm that it is in the system this week. So I tell you what, this show is still weeks away and if I hear of someone just showing up with one and getting theirs at this show while I an others senders still have not, that will be the last straw with me with Castle and as far as I am concerned, you can just keep the thing as I don't want to be dealing with a company like this anymore.

This is just my opinion, but seriously, just forget about getting these thing to this show or any other shows for now at all and 100% focus on get them one, fixed correctly for as long as that takes, then two returned in the proper order as received to the ones that have sent them in. Simply put the most important person to get these to are the first person who sent in theirs, and then the second one is the second person, and the 100th is the 100th person. And so person number 3,506 who shows up at this show is person 3,506 not the 99th person.
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