Thread: New Product Bell 429 Fuselage (500 Size)
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I have this one, bought it from A2pro in france, I have a Trex 500 clone but the problem is that its impossible to fit in the mech in the fuse with the maingear, tried to fit in the mech without the MG but there not room enough
to put it in when the mech is in the place, the solution is to cut in the fuse
in the front in the space betveen the front part and backpart so the mech
can slide in, second issue...when the mech is in the place inside the fuse the space betveen the topedge of the maingear and body is about 2mm, not enough in mine opinion to have a safe flight, the bottom wholes dont match
500 rex, another problem is the lower pushrods to the swashplate are toching the upper part of the fuse, there isnt enough gods on the glassfibre to make space for them, trying to grid down with a dremel results in wholes in the fuse,I took the dremel and cutted away nesseary material to get the swash movin freely but this affected the scale look, today I flewed it for the last time because it just dont feel safe with the maingear so close to the body, ordered a 500 blackhawk from heliartist, gone place the mech in that one as it is trex 500 plug and play, I flewed mine Bell 429 with Sm scalehead
and it did very good, a nice looking machine but in mine opinion not realy
right molded, the real 429 has a wide body compared to the model that
is not wide enough and does give thiner body apperence and also this may be the answer why it is not enough room for the maingear.

A2 pro are mainly selling this one for their excellium series, this could explain the maingear issue

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