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Originally Posted by mpesi1702 View Post
Hi, where can I purchase current sensor for $10?

Sorry if I missed that information....

Hey, Dennis - I wish to thank you and at the same to shout at you - you made me spend over 2000€ because of your idea.

If you can not understand me because of my English - this is a joke somehow - I spend around 1500€ on aurdino stuff because your post reruted me into robotics and just did not have enough energy to buy some more aurdino systems and also robot parts to build my first autonomus robot. You opened a whole new world for me at just a proper time. I am moving to Sydney and I am allready afraid because if I would be able to regulary flight my biger planes such as FunCub there - so robotics will somehow fullfill my kids desire in me...

I plan to use DIY Osd in mini Skywalker for FPV, it has allready FY20 build in...

Regards Ales
Over 2000 €? wow :P
That's quite a few arduino's.

At the moment I use an Allegro ACS755 current sensor.
A friendly person here on RCG donated a few for this project - awesome

- but apparently they have been replaced with a newer version (ACS758);

I haven't checked the difference, but I guess it's more or less the same product.

Here in DK they cost around 10 $. On digikey they cost around 7 $
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