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Originally Posted by MightyS5 View Post
And separate powersource for standalone display would probably be also great. That way radio battery does not have to support display. I'm wondering how much does DHT-U drain battery of radio (PLMS, could you give us that info?)...
Welcome to RCGroups BTW MightyS5.
I've done the test you suggested, as it's a quick and easy one to do.

Power consumption results compared to DFT.
DHT-U current drain is 83mA
DFT current drain is 74mA
The increase on DHT-U being 9mA

Going further.
DFT plus a FDD V1 current drain is 84mA.
FDD therefore uses 10mA

So either way you go, a LCD is about a 10mA drain increase over a module.

I run 2200mA LSD NiMh cells in my TX, which I think uses about 120mA total (the radio handset uses about 50mA). So 10mA increase will drop the run time by about 1.3 hours, down to only around 17 hours. So on average I'll need to recharge the handset perhaps one more time per year than I do now.

Your mileage will vary depending on what your own handset uses for a battery...
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