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[RCSE] FREE issue of RCSD! But you have to pay for my photos :-)

Alas, you cannot copy a picture of Gordy out of an Acrobat file for digital
manipulation. For that, publishing to HTML via RoboHelp or using a

Hi Aradhana,

Its flattering that you want to waste sailplane building and soaring time
goofing with photos of me, specially since RC Soaring Digest is specifically
about providing information about RC Soaring.

Your info about lifting photos from PDF really keep me on the edge of my seat
but why not be whacky and post something about your current RC sailplane
projects...on the RC Soaring Exchange. What TX are you using? Do you have your
own winch, are you using a retriever? Are you wires twisted ? :-)

Its what we all signed up to read about. :-)
Really tired in Atlanta from soaring all day!