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Originally Posted by dunkonu23 View Post
I can appreciate the first come, first served thing. In so doing, I have purchased another ESC from another manufacturer to use from now until I get my ESC replaced by Castle via Steve and Tony at ExperienceRC, if possible. This means that unless the non-German ESC I purchased fails, I will just wait. How's that for fair? I didn't think this would come down to an issue of what's fair and what's not fair, though. I merely made the suggestion. In fact, I sincerely doubt replacement ESC's will be ready by IRCHA. But if they are available and my helicopter is working with the non-German replacement I bought, I'll gladly step aside. Please understand that I was in no way trying to circumvent the process.

I can appreciate the frustration of not being able to fly a 2k plus model. I'm in for about 3k on my Furion 6. I can't fly it, either. In fact, in the six months I've had it, I've had nothing but tuning issues. Clint was great to help out at Toledo with a very basic, yet troubling problem that dealt with wrong data being published by the motor manufacturer. Then there were other problems. One by one they were solved and then this. So, yeah, I'm frustrated, too.

That said, the minute that ExperienceRC gets the newer ESC's in, I'm in for it. I want to fly a Castle ESC in my Furion 6 and I damn sure will.

Note that I have no affiliation with Castle other that of a loyal customer who appreciates what they do for the hobby and... I have Castle ESC's in four of my other helicopters.

NP Scott and thanks for the courteous and understanding reply to my statement.

Mostly that was meant a bit to Castle too. I have been to a few local shows that Castle has had tables at and I know what those can be like and I could only imagine that having to face people all day long for three days that need new ESC's with the questions of " when am I going to get a new one" would be tough, and so as well I could imagine they would just love to be able to say, here, we have a whole box of them, take one, would sure take a lot of the pressure off.

So just was hoping to impart my feelings on what that would be like for me and all the others who at this early stage of things have been waiting for theirs via mailing that haven't gotten theirs yet wouldn't be to happy to not be getting theirs due to a lack of quantity as their handing them out like flyers at some show.

Anyway, wasn't thinking that you were tying to be sly Scott, just was voicing an opinion and thanks again for taking it the way you did.

Hopefully they will get this thing done soon as I'm sure there are many of us with very expensive birds who are all going to be grounding them in wait for the repaired units.

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