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that's too bad about the servo issue, and unfortunately when one part goes bad, many end up needing to be replaced I might look into upgrading my servos to the hitec before they go out on me (tryin to learn from your mistakes, as i hope people learn from mine...)

for me though, i've had a great heli day I had a rock solid hover in my garage tonight with the v450pro Once i replaced the main shaft and the feathering shaft after my severe blade strike when setting up, I started again to hover and it did ummm ok. It still seemed to want to wobble, and i noticed when it started wobbling it amplified itself to an uncontrollable mess, so i needed to land quickly (good reflexes combo'ed with reeeaaaalllly not wanting to crash my heli again did me well tonight). Since I knew everything should be straight enough with new parts (and i could see blade tracking was excellent), i started messing with the gyro settings. I tried little by little, but in the end, turning the gyro potentiometers (little screw looking things) on the rx all the way down ended up being the best. I tried with tail d. and bal d. up half way but couldn't tell much of a difference so i turned them back down. When everything was turned down, and I had the rx ziptied in real tight, she seemed to hover wonderfully can't wait to take her out to the park in daylight

fyi for anybody with this rx, the + and - sign may not be that intuitive. I found that Negative ( - )is CounterClockWise, and Positive ( + ) is Clockwise. Another way of saying that is if you line up the flathead screw slot so that it sits right between the + and - , then you would want to look where the + and - are real close to each other, and that's the direction you need to turn the knob.
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