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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
Here are a few IR readings on some GensAce packs I did a couple of weeks ago, using Wayne's meter :

3S1300 - Cells: 7.96 7.52 7.68 Total = 23.16 FOM =1.20
3S1500 - Cells: 6.80 6.64 6.84 Total = 20.28 FOM = 1.18
3S5500 - Cells: 1.88 1.92 1.84 Total = 5.64 FOM = 1.16

Temperature was 20C.

I bought these packs about two months ago. The 5500 mAh pack was "as received". The others have had a dozen or so cycles (by normal flying).

The low IR values are confirmed by CBA discharge tests and flying experiences. Truly remarkable packs.

These are their so-called 25C packs. (I forgot to mention that, as I never pay any attention to any manufacturer's stated C values because IME those numbers are completely meaningless.)
Well done Harry; it looks as if Gens Ace packs are good,and, just as important, consistently good as the FOM results show. An average of 1.18 for FOM is very good, particularly at 20Deg.Cent.
Some of the Nanotechs are good and some are not, but as with so many lipos it really is a lottery which puts me off.
Interesting that the FOM is consistent, irrespective of pack capacity which also supports Mark's original proposal in using it as a measure of lipo performance.
I don't have the brass face, but it would be interesting to ask someone in a hobby shop trying to sell you lipos if they would mind you testing them with the meter before buying as it literally only takes a few seconds. I guess the love and travel advice would probably be flying!

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