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Well, this is rather disappointing. I got the DJT specifically because of the "future" displays. Seems like ano-brainer they would have made the plug-into-old-modules first rather than the universal first. Why try to make money off a new consumer base when you have already established one? Seems boneheaded. The lite module looks useful ONLY if it is programed to be what we need. Meaning, what most of us were hoping for. Not just a plug it in to figure it out at the field but an operational unit as an addendum to the the existing DFT and DJT modules. We have been on hold for half a year on this one only to be let down. Not sure about being a future loyal customer other than Rx purchases. The number of revisions and firmware changes for the Rxs seems to be overwhelming for the average user and FRSky should take note of that as well.

Dont get me wrong, I like what I have and it works well. I am content in the money I have spent but I'd like to spend more where it meets the need. This has been a need and its not been addressed. I feel like a neglected customer.
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