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Main-Shaft Sleeve Mod

I've completed Dsobbe's "Main-shaft Sleeve" modification. This mod, along with the Dsobbe "Battery Forward" mod eliminates all pitch-up problems and makes the V200D01 "feel" like a bigger heli while in flight.

Instead of brass, I used 3/16" aluminum, so it's difficult to tell anything has been done at all. The sleeves appear in the photo not to be cut-off squarely. Actually, they are cut squarely. However, I bevelled the OD of the tubing on each end so that it did not interfere with the swashplate.

This mod is a "must do" if you are trying to gain "realism" when coming out of forward flight. The battery mod (Post #55 of the previous page) mostly improves the heli's attitude coming in and out of banking turns. Together, these mods really stabilize the heli. In fact, I had to reduce the gain settings on the ELEV/AILE Extends in order to allow the heli more agility. That's how much these mods help to stabilize the V200D01 & Classima 300, both shaft-driven tail models.

I have one V200D01 with the "Sleeve Mod" and the other does not have it yet. They fly very differently, now. Both have the Battery Forward Mod, which should be done right out-of-the-box IMO.

Try it!
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