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Well, had what was by far my best FPV flight tonight, back at the trout pond location, just the faintest whisper of a breeze, and I thought I'd try the Zi8 in place of the gopro since I am flying with my RMRC 540 now, and my gopro has both lens covers scratched. Mounted the kodak solid against the fuse this time with some soft foam backing, aimed it so it was just missing the prop, pressed start recording and took off.

Despite what seemed to be a breeze at ground level, once up over 100' she flew like one of the many pelicans I see gliding in front of my house, rock solid and smooth as silk. I took it out further than I ever have, about 2400+' by my google map estimate and did several lazy big circles around the marshland and freshly raked hay field. There was a couple of older gentlemen fishing in the trout pond so I did several very slow passes about 30' above them - I could tell they were amazed at how slow I was passing over them, throttled down when I have this plane trimmed nicely it's barely faster than a brisk walk. Took it way back up to 500'+ altitude or so and did a couple of more lazy passes, marveling at the view I was going to get because the fpv cam should be fairly close to the Zi8 FOV I'm thinking. The sun had just come out the bottom of a dark band of storm clouds about 20 miles away on its way to the horizon and one could see there was heavy rain falling on either side of the big orange ball, with the occasional lightning flash off to the side.

Circled down and did another low flyover of the pond, following the walking path and circled around to bring it in to where I was. I was watching the screen when I noticed it had dipped and was getting too close to the fence. I was coming in dead stick and with this bird that is fine if you are coming in nice and straight, which I wasn't. I gave it a hard shot of throttle to get some air over the control surfaces and it went straight up, then hammerheaded straight into the chain link fence. The sound of breaking foam was quite loud at that time of night, I must say..

Anyway, walked over the fuse was broken in half, kodak had come right out of its mount and battery cover and battery were laying on the ground. I crossed my fingers that there was a video file on there, put the battery back in and nothing, nada, zippo, So I don't even have a nice video file to make up for the crash. Running Zero Assumption recovery as I write this, but I don't have much hope.

Chalk another one up to inexperience I guess. On the plus side, now that I have gotten over the initial anger/frustration over losing what I was thinking was going to be the best video I have taken to date - I am now just thinking about how enjoyable the flight was..

ps. thought the fuse was a goner this time, but once I pulled all the gear off I managed to GG it back together, almost as much GG on it now as there is foam.
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