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Recommended "Set RPM" Starting Points for 450 Pro 6S Setup?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for starting this thread.

I've got my fixed end points setup on my ICE 50 and I'd like to make field tuning as painless as possible and was wondering was settings are best to start with and where other Trex 450 Pro 6S guys ended up at when doing their Set RPM setup?

These are the default settings on my Castle Link at the moment:

Govenor Gain 15
Initial Spool-Up Rate 5
Head Speed Change Rate 5

I know the numbers will vary depending on differing components and headspeed but I'm trying to at least get an idea.

I'll be using the 6S setup with a Scorpion 2010KV motor and 13T pinion. This is a popular heli and setup so I'm hoping I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Desired Head Speeds (accepted by Castle Link software calculator)

1. 2700
2. 3000
3. 3200

Are these good head speed ranges or is 2700 too low for number 1?

Motor Start Power is default at 59
# of Poles = 6 (Scorpion Specs)
Timing 5 (Scorpion Specs)

PWM Rate. Scorpion list this as 8 Khz but I've hear others have had better results with the "Outrunner Mode" setting?

Current Limiting = Insensitive (80A) I saw this mentioned in one of the Castle PDFs

Thanks in advance for any input.

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