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Glad to hear you're having a good heli day! I finally got my 450 into a decent hover and flew around a bit, so i finally had a maiden flight

After replacing my main shaft and flybar shaft (still need a feathering shaft cause the blades aren't tracking great, but forgot to pick that up), I had the wobble almost totally gone. I was flying around, then the wobble all of the sudden came back with a vengeance. I had been meaning to secure my rx better because I had only taped it on with double sided tape, barely hanging onto the location for the 450 gyro. When flying the wobble kept increasing so I had to land in the tall grass and my tail rotor chopped at the grass. This stripped my tail drive shaft gears (the little differential type angle gears near the main gear). I zip tied my rx on and it's much more secure now, and it seemed more stable in the air, but when I took off I had tail wag issues due to the stripped gears, so I've had to ground it for a bit until I can get some new gears. Looks like another trip to the hobby shop tomorrow I think though once I get that worked out (and a new feathering shaft), it'll be flying nice. That one flight around the backyard really got me feeling good about this heli

That pic of your rx setup is pretty handy. Are the servo sensitivities turned mostly up there? Mine are probably 80% up right now, but i haven't had a chance to play around with them much yet. I have tail delay and balance delay all the way down.
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