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Here are some pics of my 450 por projects. I just had the one in the front out for some 17 tests. I think things are good, i added some gyro sens to both alie and elev and did not get any wobble. There is a pic of the rx settings. Im still not sure if the alieron gyro is working. I tilt the heli and the swash does not move. It did feel a little tippy, and it does correct yaw eventualy, but needs constant alieron inputs to stay level. When i get my new 2702v i'll check to see if it is normal for the alieron gyro to act like its not working. I may just be the flybar that is saveing the heli from tipping without corection.

I did adjust my swash mix in the tx to make it more agile. It is recomended that all swash mix be set at 70%, but i found that it made loops difficult due to not enough elev extent. So, i now have elev at 80%, alie at 70%, and pitch at 80%. I was able to do much tighter loops today. Still not perfect at it, i seem to be leaning on the alieron a bit when i pull back on the elevator. The tail is very locked in. The breeze was blowing my v400 tail around, but the v450 held nice. Piros are fast and stop on a dime, very crisp. (as tony from xheli would say)
kdean is online now Find More Posts by kdean
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