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I just want to post some useful youtube videos I came across.

The first one is from somebody with a 450 clone (though not pro) with the walkera 2702v rx. He also still has the flybar on it, and demos a flight, so you know it works. He talked about the knobs on the rx, which I followed his settings with and got mine to hover (i had to look close at his to tell which way all the way up and all the way down is). However he does not talk about the switches for the gyro reverse (the tiny on/off switches on the rx). On mine I had to turn Aile R and Elev R on, but kdean did not, so you may have to mess with these. Here is that vid, about 2 to 3 minutes into it he spends a minute or two talking about the rx.

Walkera 2801 Pro/Rx2702v setup for Trex 450/clone helicopters, plus test flight. (16 min 24 sec)

Another video that is helpful is about setting swashplate and pitch with a flybarred heli. I had to revisit this, because this is my first heli with a flybar.

CopterX 450 pitch & blade tracking W1008 (1 min 40 sec)

The last video shows the ccpm servo arm setup, similar to what kdean wrote a few posts back. Reading kdeans post specific to the 2702, and watching this general video should get you there.

Crash Course in 120 CCPM Setup (9 min 2 sec)

Hope that helps anybody else with a similar project that comes across this thread. If you do have a similar project going on and find this at least somewhat useful, feel free to post and say hi
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