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Originally Posted by IceWind View Post
Hi Dennis,

Great project you got there, congrats!

Do you think there is still processing power/time free to be able to add a attitude indicator?

Graphically it needs to draw a cross and a line in the screen. Or a dotted line.

AS inputs it needs 2 analogic, that represent the reading for two axis from accelerometers.
I have similar working with the eagletree OSD and getting data out from my tricopter board. But the eagletree osd is too messy for the tricopter, to many wires and I need a cleaner and simple solution.
That shouldn't be very difficult to implement, and as long as you don't plan to do any fancy calculations etc. processor power shouldn't be a problem.

You can make the analog-read and the calculations in a line or two.
You can play a bit with ADC clock if you want. I can't remember how long time the ADC needs to take a reading, but you might have to start the conversion in one line and read it later.
Dennis Frie is online now Find More Posts by Dennis Frie
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