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Thats sounds like the problem i had with the 4f200 rx. I still cant figure out why the gyro / servos cant do what i want it to do. On my 2702v rx i have the alie and elev switches in the off position, so none of them are reversed. In my tx i had to reverse the elev and pitch servos, but thats using the stock v450 servos. Your servo type might make your set-up different. Also, i turned the sesnitivity and balance delay all the way down because of the flybar. I did try adding the 3 axis gyro while testing it the last time, and like you the alieron gyro hardly moves and its hard to tell if its going in the right direction. The elev gyro is not a problem. I can see and feel it working, but i dont know what the alieron gyro is doing...

I wont get a chance to fly it today, i really want to check the pitch changes i had to make. Hopefully tomorrow.

Take it slow. Good luck.
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