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Successful Maiden Flight!

I managed to maiden my Sky Climber this evening. I took to the air at just after 6 pm. The glider flew gracefully out of my friends hands on the launch and climbed effortlessly into the fair weather cumulus sky. I was soon tucked into a thermal and twisting my way higher and higher into the late afternoon sky. This glider is impressive!, it's light weight and great stability combined with very low flying speeds and docile handling means that beginners could use this machine to learn to fly on.

The glider drops it's nose at the stall and has no tendency to drop a wing, very tame flying characteristics! There was a moderate breeze at the start of the evening, the model flew into wind making good headway. After a few loops and low passes I landed into wind at walking pace while using flaperons, one could grab this machine out of the air.

This glider provides for an easy and cheap introduction to the thrills of soaring flight. Nine Eagles have themselves a winner with this one!

There hopefully will be some photos to follow.

The motor produces around 125 watts drawing about 16 amps. I replaced the stock ESC with a 25 amp ESC because the stock ESC would occasionally make a screeching loud siren noise while rocking the prop backward and fwd, this can be remedied by opening and closing the throttle.

The novel spar retaining clips means that this model goes together very easily and quickly in the field with no fuss.

I am going to add a pilot and cockpit to this model,I have the materials to make my own vacuum former for molded canopies, I need a clear canopy.

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