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finally got the v450 put together, set my swash and pitch, programmed the esc, went through the servo setup (per your steps, thanks), checked that the gyros appeared to be in the right direction (they were, but moved more slowly than i recall), ran it all without the blades, set my rx potentiometers based on a vid i saw on youtube, then took it out back for one more check over and a test flight.

Well things didn't go so great....
I would throttle up, and right about the time it was ready to lift off, it kept wanting to tip left or right real bad (mostly left i think). I'd try to straighten it out but it wouldn't stay. I was messing around with the knobs on the rx and trying again (I thoroughly confused myself as to which way would make more sense to turn it up or down, the + and - are around a circle, so it could be either way). I tried about every combo I could think of, but it didn't seem to help much. At one point i had it about two inches off the ground before it took a dive. I think that one busted the shaft inside the tail (maybe belt driven would be better..) cause all the gears up to the shaft move fine, and it looks ok, but there is no power transmission through the tail boom anymore. I'll take that apart and see if I can fix it, then i'm just back to my original problem.

Not too sure if I just haven't found the right settings for the rx/tx, or something is wrong with the gyro in the rx. Hopefully it's just my settings, I haven't had a chance yet to reverse the Aile switch on the rx, it's possible this is the issue. When i tilt the helicopter though, it looks like the swash plate goes to the correct direction, though they only move very slowly and very little. Anyway, i'll try to take apart the tail and hopefully fix it, then try reversing some of the gyros. Did you have to reverse any of yours, kdean? I think I have mine located in the same place as you do. I have my rx mounted where the gyro would typically go, it's behind the main shaft with the antenna pointing toward the tail and wires pointing toward the main shaft
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