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Instead of getting into the whole story again I'd like to post the email I am sending to Horizon Hobby. Tells the story very well and please keep in mind I'm not looking to start a radio war. Nothing stirs a father more then to see his son hurting, all the fathers out there know exactly what i mean, and some of that made it's way into the email. I'm only human. Hopefully HH does the right thing. What that is right now I'm really not sure.

I have been flying for 4 years on Futaba. Never a problem and NEVER a glitch. My son who turned 13 just this year finally showed some interests in flying planes with me. He has been cutting grass to make enough money to buy himself his first plane. I fly glow and gas but his interest lies in the micro electric planes. He had his heart set on the Parkzone Mosquito. Just this past week he reached his goal of $100 and I agreed to pay the rest because of the hard work that he put in.
He knows how to fly and has flown my planes a few times. He has also been practicing on the simulator knowing he would have a plane of his own to fly. With his interest in the small micro park fliers I thought Parkzone and Spectrum would be a good choice, boy was I wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well 30 seconds into the first flight he loses control and tells me the plane is not following his commands. We both watch it auger in from 40 feet up and hit straight in. After picking up the wreck we notice the plane is still powered but does not respond to the TX. After unplugging the battery and turning off the TX we re-bind the plane and suddenly it all works again. So we lost the bind on the very first flight. In 4 years with Futaba I have never had a problem or even noticed a glitch, 30 seconds with spectrum and we have already lost the bind.
I told him it was not his fault and that I would replace the plane with something he can choose and something we can put a Futaba RX in so this stuff NEVER happens again.
The worst part was my son trying to hide his tears on the ride home from the park. Unless your a father you have no idea what that feels like. My most important job in my life is to protect my children and it is taking all my strength not to express to you how I really feel and in the language I would really prefer to use.
I have read many horror stories regarding spectrum and after searching for Parkzone Mosquito problems I learn you are coming out with a new improved version, I can only hope this one has a new feature where the plane and TX actually stay linked to each other. I know I know, quite a concept but hey, a father can dream can't he.
If nothing else I have vented and feel better myself, hopefully my son will keep his interest long enough for us to fly together and enjoy this hobby like it is supposed to be enjoyed.
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