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I'm so confused...I understand that "Tiny Brite Lights" is just a guy out of his house, but just think of all the money he could be making if he honored his post "in stock" on your web site and then not send out the product you took someone's money for, and then intentionally refuse incoming calls and refuse to respond to upset people who are out the money you took from them with no response or delivery of the goods on you end...what is the purpose?

Does he really not understand that people have to file complaints and have their credit card companies or papal, etc get their money back from them will eventually drive him out of business?

His TBL products are awesome! Just think of the amount of business he could do! What is everyone's thoughts as to what his intention is for taking peoples money and not sending anything out? Could he really be so nieve that he thinks he'll be able to continue doing that for years to come? With enough bad press and complaints to the BBB and papal disputes, credit card disputes, etc that those companies are going to stop him?
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