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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Yep... just do it. Just be careful if the sun is up for any thermals. It doesn't take much to sweep the little critter away.
Tonight was the night! Done and done!

I took my Night Vapor to the local park, and flew further and higher then I ever flew her before! That was fun! Usually I only fly the Night Vapor in front of my house and use the park for some of my other, faster, planes. One of my favorite things to do lately is fly my Champ really high up above this park. Last time I had her so high it was difficult seeing her orientation! I got a DX7 this year - and wow what a difference from the plastic RTF controllers. The range alone is phenomenal! So when I flew the Vapor tonight I knew that I had no worries about range. I couldn't get the vapor as high as I've had the Champ, the Vapor just doesn't want to climb quite as much as the Champ. But I still got her pretty high up! High enough that I couldn't hear the motor buzzing - and of course it's really quiet since it's 11pm and no wind. So that's pretty high. It was really cool just seeing the blinking lights and three forward lights way up in the night sky. And even though the wind is being report as "0" here right now, there was a couple gusts up there - all in the same direction - which pulled her away from me; I was worried for about 10 seconds. I flew two Hyp 160 batteries, about 15 minutes. I'll definitely have to do this again on another windless night.
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