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I now have 2 flights on my Polecat. I can report that it is very smooth and I have to say that its the best flying UM plane I've flown. I agree with the above post on its flight characteristics. This one out of the box is just perfect.

I actually spent part of the second flight doing touch & goes, its so smooth on takeoff and landing had a lot of fun just trying to grease it on. Takeoffs are straight with just a touch of right rudder. I never used full throttle, was lifting off at maybe half. Bounced a few landings, greased a few of them.

I copied the setup from my UM Extra 300, then turned down the low rates some. Worked like a charm.

It cruises at about 1/4 throttle just fine, when you accelerate to full throttle it moves out pretty good. Stays smooth at full throttle too. I had the battery all the way in the front of the battery well, so next flights I'll start moving them back and see how it does as the balance moves back. I expect that even all the way back it will fly fine, likely will slow down even better.

This one's a keeper!
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