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Originally Posted by vipix View Post
Maybe later arduino autopilot?
I will maybe make an autopilot later, but I don't plan to do anything official, as projects like ardupilot etc. is probably a better choice if you just want to use a finish code.

Originally Posted by Devonboy View Post
In your schematic, what values for R1 and C1 ? as I don't see it anywhere else in the thread.

See, I am paying attention

Please play a bit with the circuit yourself. You might want to take a look here aswell;
But i strongly recommend to use a pot as voltage-divider.

If I make another one I will consider a diode with a little higher voltage drop and much lower R2 value. Might also add the capacitor as well.

R2 is 220 ohm (Written in schematic, but not very clearly). The value is not very important, you can try a few different and pick the value/brightness you prefere.
C1 is 0.1 uF, but other values should work fine. I actually tried something like 25 uF capacitor which worked without problems (but not recommended )
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