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Originally Posted by Dennis Frie View Post
Anyone who have used the Allegro current sensors (ACS755)?

it seem to have about 600 mv offset - and until 5-10 amps load it stays at 600 mv. Any good ideas? Hopefully it's the last thing that needs to be fixed before I can make the final installation in my plane.

It's all connected and works fine so far - except for the current sensing.

EDIT; Tested and calibrated on breadboard - works fine. Will do another test in plane later
Notice that this part is no longer in production. From datasheet, it has good linearity (2.8% over full range), and 60mV/A sensitivity.

The datasheet gives an offset of 600mV as you've measured. You have to substract it. So for example 600mV is 0A, and 600mV+60mV = 1A, 600mV+120mV=2A etc.

There is also 68 mV noise, but it should be easily reduced with some filtering.
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