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Jumbo Camera Cases

Several have asked about how to open the Jumbo camera cases. First of all, it's not recommended by the developer that you do this, and like any other consumer product, if you modify or break something in the process, you are responsible for any damage to the camera. Do not expect that it will be replaced under warranty. That said, many of us want to open the case to tweak the lens focus or just have a look around.

There are three different Jumbo case configurations as shown in the attached picture with the original small #11 key chain version.

One of them, circled in red, is a two piece case held together with three screws (one hidden under the logo button). Opening that one is easy by removing the screws and lifting off the top piece. The picture shows both top and bottom views of that case.

Another case, circled in yellow, is a three piece design with locking tabs, not screws, holding the case together. The attached composite photo shows the sequence of steps for opening that case using a thin flat tool that can release the catches to slightly separate the top and bottom pieces, starting near the memory card slot. Be careful you do not insert a tool INTO the memory card holder itself... you can easily damage it. A metal tool is not recommended for this task. Once the top/bottom pieces are slightly separated, the third end piece can be released from it's holding tabs, and the top/bottom pieces can befully separated. Note that the last picture in the composite photo shows the fully opened case, but it's inverted compared to the preceding step pictures (i.e. the card slot is on the top in that picture). I do not have this camera design and have not done this procedure. So all I know about it is shown in the composite picture.

The third case design (the all gray one showing top/bottom views in the picture) is also a two-piece case but with no screws, and is opened similar to the one above, skipping the steps for removing the end piece. The second composite picture shows this.

Good luck!
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